An oasis between nature and civilization.

Located between Durres and Tirana, the two Albanian epicenters of tourism and urbanism, comes in a unique architectural creation, a combination of styles that brings to a single work several epochs of architecture and art development. An expression of passion for art and architecture, fascination with the style and magic of the beautiful ADORIONS PALACE, a dedication to love.


The hospitality at Adorions Palace begins since at its entrance. A giant of 300-seat parking space is at the clients’ disposal meeting in details the criteria of a first-class accommodation. All the space intended for parking is supervised by the latest security camera system and a professional team of agents providing maximum level of security.


Adorions Palace, your Event, your Success

Conceived as a first class event center, Adorions Palace offers multifunctional halls and spaces, perfect for every event. There is a strategic combination between the purpose of the event and the idea of its realization, in the form of a cocktail, with three magnificent spaces, ranging in capacity from 200 people in the space between the two fountains, to 300 people in the space before the small hall and over 1000 people in the space before the big hall. The small hall is available for events offering accommodation facilities for over 630 people during cocktail receptions and for 300 people for the organization of events such as lunch or dinner.


Furnishings in the Adorions Palace reflects in every detail the unique formula: Chic, Style, absolute Quality.

You can choose your favorite style of furniture between modern, classic or a combination of both. Your event will have the ideal decoration, without giving up the meaningful details for you.

The latest technology has been adapted to best meet the standard of a superior category event. The most advanced audio system nowadays, guarantees a perfect listening from four key sound distribution points. A team of phonic professionals is at full control of the audio system management in accordance with the nature of the event. The audio system enables the natural functionality of a music band at any point in the hall, guaranteeing absolute comfort in event management during its development.


Adorions Palace, a hall, a scene

Believing in the power of light to amplify the values of an event, Adorions Palace has adopted the technology that revolutionized scenic lighting: interactive LED technology.

A contemporary programmed digital device lights the small hall according to a detailed stage layout, transforming all its appearance in an interval of seconds.

Hidden lighting, in full harmony with fine architecture, the full range of colors and stage facades controlled by a dashboard of 36 time robotic apparatus, enable an ideal fit of the environment with events of any kind, making the experience at Adorions Palace almost cinematographic.


Composed of 50 employees engaged in special departments, the Adorions Palace staff is a permanent and solid team with a common denominator: Professionalism, Experience and Passion. The service team is the guarantee of a luxury experience and unquestionable standard at Adorions Palace.


Adorions Palace, an industry for an event

As an indisputable proof of exclusivity, the accommodation at Adorions Palace will soon be a full service package. In function of the event, its dimensions and character, it will soon put in function the large hall with a capacity of 1500 persons, interior decors, dedicated to halls and cocktail areas, the beauty parlor and make-up beauty salon, the exclusive wardrobe salon and the luxurious hotel rooms.


Adorions Palace, an experience of the true taste

The kitchen is the hallmark of perfection at Adorions Palace. With a combination of the most contemporary cuisine technology, the culinary masters of international experience and the first quality products, the restaurant is the unique seal of the originality of Adorions Palace. From the latest trends of cooking, to the classic tastes and up to the traditional cuisine of world's most famous culinary places, the Adorions Palace restaurant offers an unparalleled taste experience.